Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Freewrite

Scares...And other Things

Sometimes getting scared means being startled. Or it can mean just plain creeped out. Or both. Like if you're playing hide-and-seek and you look somewhere dark, it's creepy. And then when Mariel and Cornflower both jump out from behind you, that's the startled part. When I get creeped out my hair doesn't stand on end but something just above the base of my skull in the back starts tingling. My heart starts acting like a metronome set at 240 beats a minute. My insteps tingle. I get really tense. My eyes get wide. My calls for them to "come on out" falter. Then ... they pounce! My heart speeds up. Some reflex SHOOTS up though my vocal cords until I sound like a lady on a movie. I curl up in a little ball like a pill bug. I shiver all over. It's fun to get scared AFTERWARDS, but not at the time! I love laughing about Mr. Honey and Cornflower scaring me with a koala teddy! But at night, when I can't sleep, "ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasties and things that go BUMP in the night" all join in efforts to keep me from sleep. Mariel, flitting to the bathroom, is a "ghostie". My china dolls become "ghoulies". The "long-legged beastie" is my own colthes for the next day. "BUMP-in-the-night" go my bed rafters.
Good Googly.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Freewrite

Yesterday my wonderful Mother Auma borrowed a curriculum called The Writer's Jungle from one of the Ambleside Online women. One of the activities in it is a freewrite, and here is mine:

The water in the cup near me looks blue Is it? I love Mommy that M is awful but I dont care haha I didn't put any apostrophe in dont look I did it again and i like it and my I is not capitalized. I griped to thumper about being thirteen this morning and cried but then at 2:15 I went out and apologized she growled What was this guy's name again? I love Mommy's rolls or biskits or whaterer they are called haha look bad spelling What happens if we run out of paper before 10 minutes is up? I don't know and I won't care until I get there I can't wait to go to California and tell Ggmom and GGDad that we're 100 % tx and 100% ca! I wish we were there already I like freewriting it's so ridiculous I was going to write something else but I forgot it :-) I don't know if smileys go on paper I wish I could get into my Squirrel Band drawings whoa I'm thirsty but I still have 5 min or actually a bit less hey we're going to a church meeting tonight I wish I could bring Thumpee don't ask why did you know the early Celts wore hare instead of underwear? I'm spelling words I've known how to spell forever but I'm spelling them wrong and don't care the Celts didn't wear bunnies sorry they wore HAIR Mariel and Cornflower are mad at each other and I'm getting writers cramp I never realized I thought about such a wide variety of subjects!