Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Dancing Pirates

It's a play I made up for Mariel and Cornflower and I to perform for our parents' anniversary.

Here it is.

Act I, scene one. On a dock. Treedance and Moondance, two girl pirates, stroll about.

T: How does Captain Sundance know when we'll be back?
M: He said to be back at 4.
T: Who's that?
(Enter Fortune Teller)
FT: Hello.
M: Hi there.
T: Howdy.
(She vanishes. A pause.)
M: Weird.

Act I, scene two. Captain Sundance, a boy pirate, walks up and down the deck. Moondance and Treedance get ready for bed.

S: Wait! We must dance to the stars!
(All jig up and down the deck of the ship and sing "We are the Pirates who don't do Anything".)
M: Goodnight!
(All sleep - Sundance dangerously near the edge of the ship. Moondance gets up and sings and dances.)
Oh, I wish they would wake up
Oh, I wish they would wake u-up
I'm about to fall asleep (drops and snores)
There's a dolphin in the sea -
No, that's a whale in the sea!
T: Save me! A shark!
(She faints and bumps Sundance overboard.)
S: Blub!
M: It's a whale.

Act II, scene one. Ekoce, a boy evil pirate, sails towards the pirate ship.

T: A sail! A sail!
E: Oh, I am called Ekoce
It's "coke" spelled backwards with an extra "e"
S: It's the scary pirate dude, Ekoce!
(Ekoce pushes Sundance overboard and swordfights with Treedance. Sundance swims around behind Ekoce and tickles his knees. Ekoce falls over and they pin him down.)
E: Stop! I'll do anything you want!
T&S: Dance with us!
(All dance and sing "We are the Pirates who do a lot of stuff". Curtain)

Treedance - Me
Moondance - Cornflower
Fortune Teller - Mariel
Captain Sundance - Mariel
Ekoce - Cornflower

Director and Playwright - Me

Mom and Dad greatly enjoyed the play and Dad said that as we had watched Moby Dick a few days previous...oh, read it yourself. My mom wrote about it on her blog.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Day before yesterday, I somehow convinced Mother Auma to rearrange my room, Mariel's room back into the schoolroom, and Cornflower's room for both of them.

I don't know how I did it or even why we were talking about it in the first place, but I did, we were and now our rooms are rearranged.

For months I'd been asking Mother Auma and Daddy to let me put my bed by the window. Dad refused because "bunk beds don't go by windows". So when Mom and I took an allen wrench (one of those things that looks like an old-fashioned well crank and takes forever to find) and a few screwdrivers to that bed, we detached it from the bottom bunk, a desk, and moved the desk piece by piece into the schoolroom.

My bed is now smack by the window, with the organizing credenza (I am using it for a desk) near my feet and my dresser beside my head. My mirror and dressing table are by the desk and I now have room for a bookshelf and at least 64 square feet of open space in the middle (suitable for dancing, playing around, twirling round and round with the fan until you collapse, sleepover space, etc, etc, etc).

I am very happy with my room. For the last 2 mornings I have been waking up with sunbeams on my face. Just like in a book.