Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hospital Fun

Hey everyone! We just got back from Harmony Hill, our friends left, and we were feeling a little dismal. Then Mariel raced in with a pair of children's crutches and said, "This is so fun!" She performed a manuever that was something between a pole vault, a trip and flying and landed on the floor. Sitting up, she added, "There's an adult pair out there too, Triss."

It looked like fun, so I went out and got the adult crutches. I shifted the handles all the way up and the crutches all the way down, but they were still a little big. Cornflower can use them just on the middle handles.

Cornflower sat Mariel and I down in the Big Blue Chairs and got a clipboard. "What's your name? How old are you? How did you get hurt?" she asked. I chose my foot that had been scratched by tripping over a stick, blistered when running, and hit by something the weedwhacker threw up. She was delighted. "You have a broken foot too, okay?" she added, after "testing" me by poking my foot with a marker.

Mariel had a broken leg, and at this point Mr. Honey came in with a leg brace. It was given to Mariel and my foot was covered with about twenty different socks. Cornflower handed us our crutches and we paraded out to show Mr. Honey.

Cornflower reminds me of one of the verses of this funny movie at Higher Up and Further In:

We drive a white conversion
And learn about the Persians
Our 6yo's a surgeon
A homeschool family!