Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bird List Update #1: Mourning Dove

My mom thought it would also be a good idea if I kept a record of the birds I saw this year. This morning during Bible, I glanced out the window, and there was a mourning dove hopping up on the neighbor's roof. I thought it was a pigeon at first. Pigeons are a kind of dove, Mom says. We all watched it for awhile, and it hopped around and dug for seeds and walked up the roof and then went down the roof again, and then flew away. This is the first mourning dove we have ever seen in our yard at this house. I liked its little pink feet.

The scientific name for Mourning Dove is zenaida macroura.

(Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for the photo.)

Flower List Update #1: Partridge Pea

My mom thought it would be a good idea for me to keep track of the flowers I see this year. We found a caterpillar feeding on a yellow plant, identified as partridge pea. The scientific name of this plant is cassia fasciculata.

Mariel took charge of the caterpillar and named it Spunky. We found out it is a yellow sulphur butterfly, and have been watching it eagerly to see if it will turn into a butterfly. He briefly escaped last night and caused a lot of panic, until he was found on the table next to his jar, possibly asleep.